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Playing up the dusty end!

Do you ever find yourself playing the same old chords in the same first frets? Ever see other people playing right up the fretboard and want to do it yourself? In this exciting course I show you systematically and simply how to start playing chords and melody right up the fretboard. By the end of the course you'll understand how it all works and you will be a much better uke player for it. This is an older course filmed during covid so it's just me and a whiteboard but I'm really proud of how much it has helped heaps of ukulele players all around the globe.

Try the sample videos below for free and if you enjoy them you can subscribe to the whole 24 part course either using a one time payment or via monthly membership. 


Become a member 



You can purchase a course outright using any of the links above. Or, if you find yourself enjoying my courses, why not become a member? Becoming a member give you access to either my main three courses, or with a gold membership - everything. This way you won't have to pay for any of the courses up front and you'll have free access to every new course that I add (including a Fingerstyle course.) All you need to do is follow the links below to sign up. Next time you visit the site click 'login' in the main menu to access all your courses. You can cancel any membership at any time if you've used what you need or decide it's not for you.


As well as access to the courses you also get:


Free worksheets for my fortnightly live lessons (usually £5 - £8).

Access to the member's forum.




- Gold members get 6 video submissions per annum. Matt will analyse your playing, suggest improvements and what you can do to improve. (Don't be initimidated - it's all about being positive!)

- One of the exclusive benefits of becoming a member is you'll be able to email Matt directly with any questions about your learning. Think of it as having your own personal ukulele trainer!