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Brand New Course!!


I’m very excited to share that my new course: Jazz and Blues Ukulele has started. 

In this first lesson in the new course we'll take a look at Jelly Roll Morton's version of the King Oliver tune Doctor Jazz. You'll learn about getting that New Orleans cut time feel, chromatic run downs, a cool jazz ending and much more!

Jazz and Blues Ukulele:

In this full course I'll take you on a musical journey in time from the earliest jazz, ragtime and blues songs, through to delta blues, swing and cool jazz, boogie woogie, rhythm and blues, the great American songbook, right through to modern jazz and Chicago Blues. You'll learn all about jazz and blues song structures, rhythm and grooves, open tunings, through to strumming techniques, chord melody and fingerstyle versions of classic songs and hidden gems.

This course is in construction with more lessons added every week or so. Gold members can take part as each lesson is added or wait until the full course is finished.

If you haven't joined the club why not join me and become a member. Its a great way to join the community and get learning. I've got so many cool things planned for this year. You get 10 full sequential courses, learning materials, live lessons, uke forum, an archive of over 60 tablature and chordal arrangements, Q& did you know you even get video submissions included when you join up now?

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