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LIVE LESSON: Clawhammer Ukulele - Wildwood Flower

For my next live lesson we’ll take another look at Clawhammer Ukulele. I’ll go over basic clawhammer techniques, show you how to take a melody and turn it into a clawhammer arrangement and also show you my own special up-picking triplet technique to add spice.You’ll learn two versions of the great old time song Wildwood Flower.


Wednesday 10th July 2024

15:30 Welcome, comments and sound

15:45 Workshop

16:45 Q&A

All times GMT

My GOLD AND SILVER SUBSCRIBERS get these sheets at no extra cost. Simply visit this page and login:

If you missed this live you can watch back and time and as many times as you like.

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Wednesday 1st?

Replying to

Oops. 10th July.

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