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Matt is off on holiday!

Wait what? Have I really just created a post to tell you I'm swanning off on my holiday this Friday? Yes! But not because I want everyone to know I'm taking the family down to sunny (actually rainy) Dorset.

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I might not be contactable, so any email questions from the courses will be answered as soon as I get back. Please note that there will also be no Kanikapila, Live Lesson or Fingerstyle Lesson next week.

Worry not though! I'll be back and raring to go on the 6th November.

Dates for next sessions:

Kanikapila - 6th November 6pm - Monochrome

Live Lesson - 15th November 3:30pm - Jazz Ukulele - Nature Boy

Next Fingerstyle Ukulele lesson - end of week commencing 6th November

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Zita Brooks
Zita Brooks
Oct 25, 2023

Have a lovely break Matt. It is well deserved!

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