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New Baritone Ukulele Lesson: Dynamic Strumming - Someone You Loved

The next lesson in the baritone ukulele course is ready:

Everything Baritone: Dynamic strumming. We’ll learn a really simple but special strumming technique that works especially well on baritone ukulele. I’ll show you how you can alter it to create a really dynamic sound and we’ll also learn a fingerpicking part and apply it all to Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved.

I'm super proud to say that my website now contains 8 structured and sequential ukulele courses covering everything you need to know to become and ace ukulele player (and have heaps of fun learning!):

Take Off! Beginners Ukulele

Beyond Beginners: Intermediate Ukulele

Escape The Plateau: Ukulele Next Steps

Fingerstyle Ukulele

Uke Theory

Playing Up The Dusty End


Everything Baritone Ukulele

You can subscribe and have access to all this PLUS weekly live ukulele jams, fortnightly live lessons, worksheets at no extra cost, my priority email for any questions (your own personal uke tutor!) and much more all for just £10 per month.

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Hi Matt -

Absolutely loved your "Introduction to Baritone" !!

Thank you very much indeed.

I've now gone through all the videos voraciously, learned a great deal and looking for more !!

I know you're a busy man but I'm still hungry !! When do you think you'll be expanding the menu on the baritone course ??

Also I thought I'd write to let you know of a few observations.

You probably know this already and if so, please forgive me - but on the 'Dynamic Strumming' video there are two mistakes, I think.

  1. At 6'20" the graphic for F is reversed - the viewer sees it as if it's in a mirror with 0-1-0-2 being shown instead of 2-0-1-0

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Ps. I re-cut the video. For some reason I put the standard tuning version of the worksheet up rather than the baritone one I made. D’oh!

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Hi Matt. May be a numpty question. How do I get at the lessons. Specifically the baritone course. Go into my account see list of lessons, with downloads, but can’t open the lesson. Am I missing something. Using iPad mainly. Cheers Chris

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Hi Chris, don’t worry. You just need to enroll on whichever course you want to take part in (no cost as you subscribe.) Go to whichever course you want and then click on the ‘learn more and join’ button then join the course. Once you’ve done that go to ‘my programmes’ and all your lessons will be listed.

If in doubt this video shows it all step by step:



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