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New Fingerstyle Lesson - Alternating Thumb - Pendulum

-- Please note. I'm away next week so after this one there will be a short gap of around a fortnight until the next lesson--

Fingerstyle ukulele

In this lesson we'll learn a really nice alternating thumb technique you can use to discover a wonderful sounding way of playing. You’ll learn the piece Pendulum and how to create your own arrangements using this technique. This is a key skill that will allow you to develop your ability to do two things at once.

The course partners with my brand new Fingerstyle Book, which features 10 extended original fingerstyle ukulele pieces as well as tuition pages and song notes. You can get a copy of the book here:

When you purchase the video course or subscribe via my website you will have access to the full arrangements to every piece so purchase of the book is recommended, but in no way obligatory.

This course is included at no extra cost to Gold Subscribers. When you subscribe you will not only gain access to this course but also 5 other full sequential courses including Beginners Ukulele, Intermediate Ukulele, Ukulele Next Steps, Uke Theory and Playing Up The Dusty End. You’ll also be given my priority email address where you can ask questions about your learning, just like having your own personal uke tutor. And you’ll have access to the exclusive ukulele forums on the site.

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