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Matt Stead  - Ukulele Teacher
Ukulele lessons made easy and fun



I’ve been teaching ukulele for over 20 years. My students have described me as a brilliant, patient, caring, and a generous teacher whose step -by-step ukulele lessons are easy and fun even if you think you’re not musical.

As a full-time ukulele teacher I’ve taught thousands of students globally—in person and online. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced on the ukulele, my free ukulele lessons and workshops, and complete ukulele courses make learning the ukulele easy and FUN! Check out my offerings for all levels of experience below. 

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Here are two of my popular 'Matt's Quick Tips'

"Matt's amazingly kind and expert teaching gave me the confidence I needed to learn to play the the ukulele while having great fun doing it." Steve Edelstein

"Matt Stead shares his time, talents and enthusiasm generously with ukulele students of many abilities. It's genuinely hard to tell who is having the most fun!"  David Whittie

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- Gold members get 6 video submissions per annum. Matt will analyse your playing, suggest improvements and what you can do to improve. (Don't be initimidated - it's all about being positive!)

- One of the exclusive benefits of becoming a member is you'll be able to email Matt directly with any questions about your learning. Think of it as having your own personal ukulele trainer! 

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Join in the fun of my regular free LIVE LESSONS

Matt Stead Ukulele


I teach Live on YouTube  every other Wednesday, covering a wide range of subjects and genres. Lessons last around an hour and a half and you can comment and join in live. The next Live Lesson will be listed on the LIVE LESSONS page and all previous live lessons are archived there to be enjoyed as many times as you like.


Every Monday I run a regular online jam session where I teach and encourage you to play songs by ear. No sheet music necessary & all abilities welcome. Beginners can strum along. For intermediate and advanced players Matt will show you how to solo and add dynamic techniques. You can ask Matt questions live and chat to others taking part.

Matt Stead Kanikapila