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Antonio Moreno Márquez

Since I met Matt, no more wasting money on books and courses that I quickly lost interest in. Now I focus only on his educational material. The most well-paced and most detailed lessons I have seen since I started learning the ukulele. Thank you Matt! 


Charlene Dalton

It was a lucky day that I happened upon Matt Stead online!! I was able to strum chords on my uke but wanted to advance from there. Matt’s lessons and playalongs are brilliant! They are fun and he has such an easy, personable style. Plus, I learn so much each time. This has been the best thing to happen to my ukulele playing!!


Susan Bedard Ropars

Matt is THE teacher I was looking for as an advanced beginner/intermediate player. I wanted to learn more but then be able to actually APPLY what I learn. Matt makes that happen with his teaching style and resources he makes available. I understand things that were lost on other teachers because I could immediately apply new techniques to songs I love. And Matt's kind personality is the icing on the cake.


Julie Ann Williams

Since joining in with Matts weekly lessons my playing has improved so much. I feel like I have joined a ukulele family. Matt is patient, talented, funny and always had time for his students. My favourite UK teacher. He also provides excellent service at his ukulele shop. 


Rebecca Myers

It's amazing how Matt can simplify complex techniques into achievable steps. I also love how he makes music theory understandable at the moments that it applies. No boring theory in his lessons. Matt's choices of songs is soooo cool too. 


Karen Morrow

Matt's live lessons and weekly Kanikapila sessions on YouTube have inspired me in ways that I never expected them to. My primary goal in picking up the ukulele was to learn a few chords, including barred chords, to accompany myself when singing. Matt has broadened my horizons and now I am learning finger style, chord melody and music theory. I'm enjoying every minute, and not a day goes by that I don't play. Matt's YouTube "Quick Tips" are a great way to refresh my memory when I need a reminder on how to execute a certain technique, like hammer on, or chuck. And his free YouTube courses are fabulous. He's The Man! (But can I blame him for my UAS? No, that's on me...)


Will Cowell

Matt has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration since my early days with the ukulele. His lessons are meticulously prepared and always delivered with patience and good humour. He has the knack of passing on little snippets of theory in a way that you don't even notice, although you progress in leaps and bounds because of it. One of the kindest people I know!


Indrani Novello

Each session with Matt is not only interesting and challenging, but it is always a lot of fun as well.

Matt's enthusiasm is instantly transferred to his students. In group sessions he manages the difficult feat of holding the interest of his more advanced pupils, while not leaving the beginners feeling overwhelmed.


Lisa Long Hillmer

Matt's teaching style is friendly, yet very effective. He's the first teacher that helped me transition from a beginner to learning the fret board, chord melody, scales and music theory. And it's always a pleasure.


Luke Southard

Matt breaks down complex musical ideas into easy to grasp lessons that makes me feel like I’m making great progress on my ukulele journey.  


James Ciamarro

Matt is personable and relatable. His teaching is clear, concise and well paced. It's a delight to be one of his students.


Hilary Williams

Matt is talented, patient, friendly and effectively teaches the ukulele..never boring


Jackie Criswell Miller

Matt has a unique way of slowing things down, coupled with his kindness and patience makes it easy to learn. Every now and then he will throw in some theory that makes you have those aha moments and then you realize you have learned something new. I’ve played less than a year and by watching Matt’s YouTube can play things that I couldn’t have played if I had not of joined in on the fun!


Rosemary Hardy

Matt is not only an amazing teacher but also an amazing human being. His teaching style is un like any other I have seen over the years. He is so thorough in his explanations and has provided an incredible amount of material for every level of Ukukele player on YouTube. I was so happy to both find him and now take lessons. Wished I had found him much earlier.


David Wittie

Matt Stead shares his time, talents and enthusiasm generously with ukulele students of many abilities. It's genuinely hard to tell who is having the most fun!


Steve Edelstein

Matt's amazingly kind and expert teaching gave me the confidence I needed to learn to play the the ukulele while having great fun doing it.


Paul Brown

Matt is such a brilliant teacher. His lessons are always enjoyable and challenging. He has the special knack of moving us on in small manageable increments . Then before we know it -things that just a few months earlier seemed difficult- become manageable. The skill of a mighty fine teacher.Thank you so much Matt you are just an amazing person and a truly brilliant teacher


Diane Eveleigh

ive been notionally learning for four years but never put the work in that is necessary. I found Matt recently and have been inspired to improve. A hugely inspirational teacher. Thank you xx

Asia Wu

I honestly thought I'd never be able to go up the fret, it somehow always seemed like something tremendously hard and complicated, Matt's course, however, is so logically and orderly organised, illustrated with songs and examples, so that I could instantly implement the new knowledge into actual playing, it is so much fun and same time so much valuable information! Matt seems to be a warm, welcoming and patient teacher and person. I am glad I found those courses.Thank you so much!!

Patricia Lebreton

Matt is definitely my favourite ukulele teacher. I discovered his lessons on YouTube after learning for around four years from quite a few others. The best explanations of technique and theory concepts, wonderful musical selections, and a warm and welcoming community!


TheCow AndFrog

I'm a butterfly. I love trying new hobbies, but usually after a month or so, I flit off to something new.

This is the first time that I've really become addicted to an instrument, and it's thanks to Matt. He manages to strike the perfect balance between challenging me with new stuff to keep me interested, but never overwhelming me so I get discouraged.

There are so many reasons that I'm a huge fan of his - here are just a few:

His gentle teaching style means that I never feel stupid (even when I am!)

His eye for detail means that he can correct tiny things that make a huge difference.

His musicianship means that the information he provides is never woolly, or guessed at.

The cyclical learning means that even complex concepts that don't sink in at first gradually become second nature.


Jude Randall

Matt Stead = Fabulous musician! Wonderful teacher! Totally awesome lesson delivery! A lovely, lovely hooman!


Louise Ingham

When I whimsically decided to start learning the ukulele, I cast around trying to find internet tutorials to set me on the right path.

Within a few months, I stumbled upon Matt’s lessons and my search for inspiration and guidance was complete. Each collection of lessons is thoughtfully targeted for different abilities, from beginners through to more advanced. However, even if you push yourself to the challenge of a lesson above your ability you will find something relevant to your improvement. Likewise, do not shy away from beginner lessons if you feel you have already covered that, as there will be useful nuggets of theory tucked therein, or tips which you might have missed.

Oh, and then there are the weekly Kanikapila lessons, with wide-reaching styles of music to enjoy.

So, you have taken up the ukulele, and want to learn everything? Chords, strumming, fingerpicking, soloing? If you have found Matt’s lessons, your search for a great teacher is over. Not only that, but you have made a friend, and have the hands of friendship of all of his other students.

Bravo, Matt. Thank you.


Matt Hicks

You know there's always a teacher from childhood that, in amongst the rollercoaster of boredom and institutional intimidation, they're a beacon that shines a light into the dark rooms of learning you've always been too scared to enter. Matt Stead is one of these teachers. He teaches with a heart that's bursting with happiness that you're listening and learning but he does it without elevating himself with anything other than his expertise in kindness and teaching. His belief in the student being able to accomplish is endless.


Pam Drake

From very beginner to awesome !


Laura Blore

Matt teaches in a way that has you believe you can play something you never dreamt you could. And after the lesson you can. His enthusiasm for playing and teaching shines through.


Lisa Compton

I am so grateful to have found Matt Stead. He's one of the best ukulele teachers on YouTube. He's shown me how to progress from being a beginner to learning chord melody, soloing, playing up the neck and music theory. He does all this in an enjoyable and fun way. Such a lovely guy - brilliant teacher and brilliant human being.


Steve Sadler

My brother (who has been having lessons with Matt for sometime), introduced me to Matt initially with intent of buying from The Uke Room, which I have a few times !

But after this I have been following his lessons and tutorials on Facebook and his enthusiasm is infectious, great tutor whether it be in person or via Internet. Can't fault him.

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