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Take off! Beginners ukulele

This extensive yet accessible 30 part programme is not only for absolute beginners at ukulele, but also those wanting to brush up on their key skills. Whilst keeping things fun, I go into a lot of detail that other tutors don't cover. By the end of this course you'll have excellent technique and already be able to play many songs. This course goes way further than most beginner courses exploring melody playing and fingerstyle, as well as simple strumming.

Try the sample videos below for free and if you enjoy them you can subscribe to the whole 30 part course either using a one time payment or via monthly subscription. 


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You can purchase a course outright using any of the links above. Or, if you find yourself enjoying my courses, why not become a member? Becoming a member give you access to either my main three courses, or with a gold membership - everything. This way you won't have to pay for any of the courses up front and you'll have free access to every new course that I add (including a Fingerstyle course which is currently under construction.) All you need to do is follow the links below to sign up. Next time you visit the site click 'login' in the main menu to access all your courses. You can cancel any membership at any time if you've used what you need or decide it's not for you.

As well as access to all of the courses, worksheets and the member's forum, one of the exclusive benefits of becoming a member is you'll be able to email Matt directly with any questions about your learning. Think of it as having your own personal ukulele trainer! 

Not sure if you want to commit? Start with a free trial and see how you get on. Click on the options below for more info.

  • Gold membership

    Every month
    Get everything! All courses, worksheets, direct emails to Matt, member's forum
     7 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to ALL courses
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    Every month
    Main 3 courses; Beginners, Intermediate and Next Steps, worksheets, emails to Matt, member's forum
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    • Beginners, Intermediate and Next Steps
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