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Matt's Mega Ukulele Challenges!


Next challenge: What's In A Song?

Closing date Monday 12th August 2024

For the next challenge we’re going to get personal! Don’t worry - nothing scary. For me, music is one of the most important things in life. It brings me joy, comfort and is filled with memories. Sometimes a song can transport me to a faraway place or time. So the brief is simple. Play us a song that means something special to you. It needn’t be super philosophical - it could be a song you can’t listen to without smiling. Perhaps it was the first song at your wedding , or maybe it even helped you through a difficult time. Have fun and embrace the beauty and power of music!

Because I’m going to be so busy with the festivals I’m going to give you plenty of time for this one. Entries close Monday 12th August. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with. 


Ps. One of my special songs is the Hawaiian Wedding Song. Here’s a picture of me playing it at my wedding (Marylebone Town Hall where Paul and Linda McCartney got married!)

Matt’s Mega Ukulele Challenge is a fun way to get you playing regularly and having heaps of fun. Recording yourself playing is one of the very best ways to track your progress and challenge yourself to improve. Think of it almost like an online open mic, but with our wonderful supportive community cheering you on. Each few weeks I’ll set a challenge such as playing a particular themed song or showcasing a particular technique. 


All levels of playing are welcome. It’s not about showing off. It’s about supporting each other to be creative, have fun and progress. Each time I’ll pick two winners. Winners won’t just be picked on ability but creativity, progress in your playing, originality and just whatever makes me smile. So even if you’re an absolute beginner who knows 3 chords you have as much chance as someone who has been playing years. All winners get a set of my button badges including a special ‘Matt Thinks I’m Ace!’ badge.


Post your videos either at my Facebook page here:


or on the Forum here:



Make sure to put ‘Matt’s Mega Challenge’ and/or challenge name in the title of your post or in the comments so I know it’s an entry.

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Last  challenge:  Fab Four

Congratulations Paul King, Linda Knight and Jane Stevenson.
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