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How to use the website:

In this video I'll show you how to use the website and access all your content. 

- Finding out what’s happening

- How to access the courses

- How to track your learning

- Blog and Forum

- Live lessons and Kanikapila

- How to download sheets


And much more!

Video submissions:

Video submissions are a great way to get feedback on your playing. This can be one of the most powerful ways to improve your playing, with direct feedback from Matt about your playing. All Gold subscribers get 6 video submissions per year.

Video submissions can cover any song/piece of music/or question about your playing. You can use video submissions in two main ways:

1) Perform a piece of music (this can be your own or a cover, instrumental or with vocals) and Matt will analyse your playing in a positive and encouraging way explaining what you did well, things to work on, changes in technique that will help you and thoughts for moving forwards.

2) Use a video to explain a problem or question. For example, 'whenever I hold my ukulele like this and play a G7chord this way I get a buzzing on the E string. Can you help?'


There are a few different ways to send Matt your video.

- Upload your video to my dedicated Facebook page here:

Only other students taking part in video submissions will be able to see your post as the group is private. 

- Upload to your own YouTube/Vimeo account and send me the link via an email (you receive my direct email in your welcome email when you sign up.) It is free and easy to open a YouTube account and you can mark your videos as 'unlisted' when uploading so this way is completely private.

- Email me a link to a post anywhere on social media and I'll go and check it out.

There are no rules other than please limit videos to 6 per year and keep them to around 5 minutes or under. (I'm not super strict on this, but please no 3 hour motion-pictures!)

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