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Live ukulele jam with Matt Stead


I teach Live on YouTube  every other Wednesday, covering a wide range of subjects and genres. Lessons last around an hour and a half and you can comment and join in live. The next Live Lesson will be listed below and all previous live lessons will be archived here to be enjoyed as many times as you like.

NEXT LESSON:  Clawhammer Ukulele - I Had A Bulldog
Wednesday 12th    June 3:30PM UK TIME 

For my next live lesson I’ll teach you how to play Clawhammer Ukulele two ways; using the classic nail and thumb ‘bum-ditty’ and my own up-picking way whereby we can hit more notes and chords in one go. We’ll learn the old time piece I Had A Bulldog and - most of all - we’ll have heaps of fun!


 - Please note I’m away the last week of May so this one is scheduled for June 12th. Thanks for your patience! -


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