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Escape the plateau!
Ukulele Next Steps

Do you feel a bit stuck with your uke playing? Need inspiration to take things up a notch? This course is designed to help those wanting to get off that ukulele plateau and get to the next level and follows on from Matt’s Intermediate course. We'll look at a whole heap of varied subjects in a structured way including chord melody, advanced strumming, jazz chords, clawhammer, soloing, two part harmony, and playing by ear. This course features some extended 45 minute + videos.

Try the sample videos below for free and if you enjoy them you can subscribe to the whole 24 part course either using a one time payment or via monthly membership. 

Ukulele Teacher - Matt Stead


UKULELE - NEXT STEPS - 2. YOUR FIRST JAZZ CHORDS In this first video in a brand new course Matt teaches you your first jazz chords and we apply them to the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. We’ll learn how two simple chord progressions will allow you to be hundreds of songs. As always Matt goes into a lot of detail and shows you the crucial little details that many tutorials forget to show you. Here is a link to a printable PDF of the whiteboard: Here is a video where Matt explains where how chords are built: Link to Matt’s video on help with barre chords: These first few videos are a taster for a full structured and sequential 20 part Ukulele Next Steps course. To access the full course please visit: —— I really hope you're loving my videos. If you'd like to find all of the complete structured and sequential courses head over to: There you will find: Beginners Ukulele (30 videos) Beyond Beginners! Intermediate Ukulele (25 videos) Escape The Plateau! Ukulele Next Steps (20 videos) Playing Up The Dusty End (25 videos) Uke Theory (30 videos) You can also find all my free stuff including Quick Tips (67 videos) and Indie Ukulele (6 videos) Don't forget you can join me for weekly Kanikapila sessions every Monday and Fortnightly Live lessons too. All details are at: Thanks heaps, Matt :)

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