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KANIKAPILA: Let's Dance!

Monday 22nd January 6pm UK TIME

This week we’ll get our dancing shoes on with songs about dancing. We’ll have top tunes from The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and David Bowie. We’ll also have our People’s Choice from the Kanikapila vaults; I’ve Got My Mind Set On You by James Ray/George Harrison.

Here are the chord sheets. You can print them out or download it to your computer/tablet.

Most students may find it useful to have these free diagrams handy. You can use these at every Kanikapila session:

Scales reference and Circle of 5ths:

TIPS/THANK YOUS: If you would like to support Matt provide free content for all you can donate at at this page:

Or click on any of the links below:

Or if you prefer you can drop Matt a virtual tip in his jar by paypal:

These will be available

to watch back at any time. Previous live Kanikapila sessions and the links for each will be saved and listed here:

To join Matt's free Facebook hangout for students where we post progress videos, ask questions and support each other click here:

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