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LIVE LESSON: How to understand and play time signatures

Updated: Feb 8

Our next Live Ukulele lesson will be Wednesday February 7th 3:30pm UK Time.

In this fun workshop for all levels we’ll take an in depth look at time signatures, explaining what each of those numbers means, showing you how to play them, thinking about rhythm and timing, and exploring simple and compound time. As well as learning heaps we’ll learn three songs; Annie’s Song by John Denver, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away by The Beatles and You Belong To Me by Pee Wee Herman (covered by Ringo Starr.) The sheets contain worksheets on time signatures and lyrics and chords for all the songs.


Wednesday February 2024

15:30 Welcome, comments and sound

15:45 Workshop

16:45 Q&A

All times GMT

If you are feeling generous and would like to pay extra to help those that can't afford it there is link to pay £8. Your kindness with previous live lessons has helped heaps of people who otherwise can’t afford the sheets access them for free and helped me with running costs. This is totally discretionary though and please don't feel obliged.

Worksheets with gift/tip: £8

My GOLD AND SILVER SUBSCRIBERS get these sheets at no extra cost. Simply visit this page and login:

If you missed this live you can watch back and time and as many times as you like.

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