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I'm really proud to present my new book - Fingerstyle Ukulele. It features 10 original pieces in both standard notation and tab, graded easy to challenging. Each piece has separate high G and low G arrangements and feature illustrated song notes. The book also works as a structured course to learn Fingerstyle techniques. You can get your mitts on a physical copy by clicking the button below.

If you prefer to have the book on your tablet or PC you can download a PDF version here:

As well as the book I will be starting a video course with each piece taught in full tutorials, each one based on teaching you new fingerstyle techniques. The course will be fully structured and sequential like my others. I have started recording and adding videos (the first two will be available this weekend) and you can either follow a

long as it is built or wait until I have finished and do it all in one go.

Gold members of my site will have access to this course at no extra course. If you'd like to sign up you can read more about memberships here:

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