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Jan 12, 2024
In General uke discussion
One of the end goals of the Kanikipila sessions is to be able to play without chord sheets. So it's a good feeling when that does happen. Like when I happened to be doing a playalong to "Last Christmas." I realized it was a 1-6-2-5 progression throughout the whole song. That meant I could play it without worrying about the odd chord change here or there that didn't follow the progression or getting out of sync between the lyrics and the music. It was a virtual playalong but I think that if it had been in an actual physical group setting I would have been able to look around at the other players and spectators and enjoyed the moment much more. So it is worth the effort to figure out a song's chord progression rather than just play chord following chord without thinking about their relationships.
Nov 08, 2023
In Uke Questions & Answers
Do you think there is a difference between a 4/4 measure which is notated as four 8th note triplets (meaning each triplet is played in the same time as a quarter note) and a 12/8 measure notated with four sets of 8th notes tied together as triplets? Is it played any differently? Can one hear the difference between the two? I know that for the song as a whole, there is a difference between 1-2-3-4 and 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 within the same time duration and that will sound different.


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